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Baskerville Manor

Baskerville Manor
905 3rd Avenue North
Circa 1860

The original 1840s structure was a coach stop on the Military Road, owned by Stephen Brown. It was sold to Laura and Henry Whitfield who constructed the addition of a beautiful Italianate house Modern conveniences included water piped by gravity from a cistern on the roof and a system of bellpull s throughout the house. The history of this house is fascinating, even changing hands in a late night card game to a relative of the present owner.

Home of Ms. Rachel George


1024 College Street
Circa 1848

Benjamin Catley purchased the entire city block for $9 and had the elegant home built in Greek revival style showcasing six half fluted columns across the tripled balcony front portico It is Columbus Eclectic the mix of Italianate and Gothic tracery between the columns and balcony balustrade Shadowlawn features fine antiques and Victorian collections Featured on HGTV’s Old Homes Restored. Now a bed and breakfast

Home of Mrs. Burnette Avakian National Register